The workshop will take place in Sophia Antipolis, 1361 route des lucioles in the Sophia-Antipolis site of Institut de Physique de Nice (former location of Institut Non Linéaire de Nice).


From Antibes

The most convenient bus is number 1. The time table is here: envibus 1.pdf. The correct stop is "Albert Caquot", which is right in front of the institute with "Les belugues" as second choice (the bus goes twice through this last stop, once in each direction). The map for the position of the stops is here: envibus map.pdf.

In case you miss number 1, number 9 can also bring you to the institute if you get down at "Les belugues", which is 50 meters away from the institute. The schedule is here: envibus 9.pdf.

From Nice, including airport

There are two useful busses, both are called "230 sophia-express". One of them stays along the coast (and stops at the airport before reaching Sophia Antipolis. The other one (slightly faster) does not stop at the airport and goes through the highway. The schedule is here: azur 230.pdf. Again, the right stop is "Albert Caquot". You can check the stops on this interactive map. This day, this the official information


There are convenient hotels around the institute but the old town of Antibes is very pleasant and an easy 20-25 minutes bus trip will take you to the workshop's location.

In the old town we recommend:

In general, the best part of the town is around there:

Close to the institute: